About Us

“Our unique menu changes with the Montana seasons”

schafersA casual dining experience is what Schafer’s is all about. Located at the top of Woods Bay, overlooking Flathead Lake, the restaurant sparkles with views and warmth offering a dining experience unsurpassed in the Flathead Valley. “Our unique menu changes with the Montana seasons,” says David May one of the three owners of Schafer’s.

Small and large plates, many local foods, wild seafood, organic chicken and produce, a full dinner menu and a lounge menu delight the sophisticated palate of the residents and visitors who frequent the area. Whether a local who dines out regularly, a visitor on the way to Glacier National Park, or a young millennial couple excited to share date night, Schafer’s will not disappoint.

Wild caught salmon, pasta jambalaya, angus steak or Moroccan chicken followed by triple chocolate cheese cake or our amazing raisin bread pudding with warm whiskey sauce are just the beginning of executive chef and co-owner, Casey Engel’s creative prowess. Our talented in-house baker, Carolyn crafts our desserts daily and you will not want to pass these up, so save room!

For wine lovers, let it be Schafer’s! Designed by an area sommelier, our wine selection features over 70 wines predominantly from the Northwest and California with a wide selection of international wines as well, and all served in Reidel stemware. Schafer’s has over 15 fine wines offered by the glass. Our knowledgeable waitrons will expertly attend to the most discerning connoisseur or those who may be new to the wine experience to find the perfect pairing for an excellent dining experience.

We invite you to the top of Woods Bay overlooking Flathead Lake to savor the experience of dining at Schafer’s. We are certain you will be back with your family and friends to try all of the delicious offerings that we prepare. We love what we do and our professional and well-trained staff is ready and waiting to serve you!

 Owners Profile

ownersSearch the Flathead Valley in Northwestern Montana and you won’t find three more diverse owners than Rob Wink, David May and Casey Engel. “We’re like the odd couple of the restaurant business, only there’s three of us,” says Rob.

Rob Wink, real estate developer, has spent the past 30 years creating luxurious Montana lifestyles in exceptional settings. His projects include Whispering Rock, Bay Landing, Swan Landing, Mansion Heights and Flathead Lake Villas. His success in blending the natural beauty and western ruggedness of Flathead Lake, Eagle Bend and the Swan River into his home designs is legendary and he has raised the bar on magnificent home designs. Now Rob is ready for a new venture.

“I wake up every morning thinking about where I am going to eat,” he muses. Rob enjoys the experience of dining out and knows what a dining experience should be—superb food and a marvelous social experience. That is exactly what he is striving for at Schafer’s and Riley’s. An exceptional dining experience, a place to bring friends and family and the finest food. You will find all of that in an atmosphere of quality and diversity of selections that will bring you back again and again.

David May, a long time Bigfork restaurateur, is the business manager of the threesome. He tunes the restaurant business like a fine violin and makes it all happen, flawlessly. As the owner and chef of the Bigfork Inn for a number of years, David understands consistency and quality. Day in and day out, David makes Schafer’s flow and function, always keeping the diner’s desires and needs at the center of the operation. “A restaurant full of satisfied guests whose expectations have been exceeded is my everyday goal,“ he says.

Casey Engel hails from a family of restaurateurs as well. You may recognize him from Many Springs at Yellow Bay on beautiful Flathead Lake. The youngest of the group, Casey is the executive chef and creator. In fact, you may not see him at all because he is in the kitchen designing and preparing fabulous culinary delights that he has crafted from scratch with his staff of excellent chefs.